Emaux FOS Series UV-C Disinfection System for Fish Ponds 30w

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The Emaux FOS Series UV-C Disinfection System is an effective product to kill bacteria and other microbes that pass through from the tube as a result to maintain bacteria-free and purified water in your fish pond.

High quality UV-C lamp that achieve 98% Sterilization rate
Durable UV-C lamp has Long Life span, more than 10,000 hours
High quality Quartz tube provides more than 99% Transmittance rate
Adjustable brackets for simpler and flexible installation
Four models 15W, 25W 30W and 55W are suitable fish pond sized up to 14.5m3

Flow rate: 14.5 m3/hr
Input: 30W
Suitable for: 8,000 litre pond
Model: FOS-UV-8T
Connection: 1.5″ / 2″

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