Harvia Tassa DG18 Commercial Sauna Heater 18.0kw 380V (Control Unit Not Included)


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The Tassa DG18 18.0kw 380V sauna heater have a strong power which can provide continuous heat for large sauna rooms for commercial use. The DG18 is suitable for room size of 20-35m3 & 1.9m height, the correct control unit for this model is the CG180. The Tassa model is made from stainless steel of high quality.

Quick Heat & Easy Maintenance

The temperature can go to 100c in 20 minutes for the sauna heaters of Tassa Series, and the temperature rise has speeded up to 30%. You can enjoy a fantastic sauna in the shortest time.

Please note control unit & stone is not included with this model and must be purchase separately, require CG180 control unit & 40-50kg of stone.

12 Months Manufacturers Warranty

Product Code: DG18

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