Emaux Ctrl Series Solenoid Driven Metering Pump Chlorine Dosing System

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If you have a swimming pool, you probably know that it’s essential to keep the correct level of chlorine at all times, to prevent the water being dirty and unsanitary when the level’s too low, and to stop it being too dangerous to swim in if it’s over-chlorinated.

If your pool is left unchlorinated, germs and bacteria will rapidly multiply, which can lead to stomach bugs, infections, and a number of other nasty side effects.

Chlorine is one of the most common disinfectants used to keep swimming pools sanitary, and in its rawest form can be dangerous, and even deadly. Because of this, many chlorine compounds have been developed, to ensure they’re safe for handling. Even so, the easiest way to make sure your pool is kept clean and safe to swim in, is to install a chlorine dosing meter pump, which will add the correct amount of chlorine to your pool, at the correct times. You can adjust and program the amount of chlorine you require, and it will do the rest for you!

At just five kilograms, it’s lightweight and discreet, and can be easily hidden in a nearby shed or even attached to a wall. We have team managers and pool system experts available in your area to install your chlorine dosing meter pump, at a time that’s convenient for you.

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Weight 5 kg