Emaux Counter Current Swim Jet System 380V (5.5HP Pump)

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For smaller swimming pools in Thailand where space is limited, a counter current jet system can ensure a decent swim for swimmers of all levels.

For fitness training, underwater massage and endless no-lap swimming and unnecessary tumble turns.

• Powerful counter current
• Counter current face plate with LED Light.
• On/Off light switch mounted on the jet face plate, easy access when you’re in the water.
• Adjust the valve to control the bubble effect.
• Water flow can be changed through the rotating jet.

• Counter Current Jet Complete Set with LED Light – RGB or White Colour
• Control Box 380V/3PH
• Jet Pump Model AFS55 – 5.5 Horse Power / 380 Volts / 3 Phase (1 x Pumps)
• Piping Kit (Pipes/Valve/Accessories) for Pump Model AFS55

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