Dolphin S100 Automatic Pool Robot Cleaner (For Residential Pools)


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Ideal For Small Pool Up To 10m In Length!!

Dolphin S100 Automatic Pool Robot Cleaner (For Residential Pools).

The Dolphin S100 is the robot of your dreams at an affordable price. This small, lightweight robot is ideal for all types of small / medium pools. It cleans the floor and walls of your swimming pool up to 11 meters. The net filter is designed to capture leaves and debris without clogging. As an optional extra, you can also purchase the Ultra-Fine Filter Basket, which captures all fine dust and dirt particles. Because the Dolphin S100 is so lightweight, it’s the perfect choice for smaller pools, or for people who are unable to carry around heavy, cumbersome pieces of pool equipment. You’ll have no problem with removing the robot from your pool! The S100 also looks great, as it’s been designed with both ergonomics and aesthetics in mind. Cleaning the Dolphin S100 is extremely simple, as the filtration system allows you all the access you need to clean out any dirt that may have gathered there. You won’t get yourself messy when emptying it, and it’s a job you can get done in no time.


  • 15 meter cable
  • Ultra-fine Basket
  • Cleaning Coverage Floor/Walls/Waterline
  • 2 hours Cleaning Cycle
  • Suction Rate 14m3/hr

12 Months Manufacturers Warranty

Product Code: S 100

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