Cyanuric Acid 5kg – Sun Block


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Cyanuric Acid CYA (Sun Block).

Protects all the free chlorine in your pool from being lost and acts as sun block.

One of the most common chemicals used for the prevention of chlorine loss in swimming pools is Cyanuric Acid (also called CYA, Conditioner, or Stabilizer)
it protects the free chlorine from being destroyed by the sun ultraviolet rays.

Cyanuric acid is known as a stabilizer for the chlorine in swimming pools exposed to sunlight. It helps reduce the chlorine loss by protecting the free chlorine in the pool from the sun’s ultraviolet rays, reducing the amount of chlorine needed to maintain proper sanitizer levels. Because of this, cyanuric acid can help reduce the cost of maintaining a safe and clean swimming pool.


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Weight 5 kg

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