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The ultimate solution for spa sanitation

Bionizer’s SpaStar is a dual sanitising module for spas, hot tubs and swim spas (incl. smaller pools) up to 15,000 litres. It has both an ionising function to sanitise the water as well as an powerful eco-oxidising functionality to give the pool water extra sparkle and to rid the water of hard-to-kill parasites such as crypto and fungus. With SpaStar you will no longer marinate in a soup bowl of toxic chemicals. No more bromine or chlorine, itchy skin or murky uninviting water. SpaStar delivers what other systems simply cannot: clear, healthy, toxic free, inviting spa and pool water.


The SpaStar is not just a sanitiser for your spa, but also oxidizes body oils and other contaminants out of the spa water. Your spa will be sparkling and clean, without the need to add harmful chemicals.


SpaStar allows you to relax in your hot spa without the intense unpleasant smell of chlorine or bromine. That wall of chlorine that you face when you open up your spa? The smell on your skin and your swimming suit after relaxing in your spa? All vague memories of the past when you upgrade to a SpaStar today!

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