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Bionizer’s pH Controller (pH Boss) constantly monitors the pH level in the pool. When the pH level of the pool goes up, the dosing system injects a measured amount of diluted acid into the return line to keep the pH of the pool water perfectly balanced to a pre-determined pH level that is programmed into the unit. The pH Boss suits all pools up to 150,000 litres. For pools above 150,000 litres we recommend adding a BioDoser that backs up the pH Boss by releasing diluted acid at a setting that ensures the pH Boss will maintain a perfectly pH balanced level in the swimming pool all day and all year long.


The pH Boss is an auto set & forget pH contoller that continuously measures the pH level in your pool and adds diluted acid accordingly. The pH Boss has a backlit screen that displays the pH level of the pool water whenever the pH Boss and the pump are operating. No more pH testing required, the correct pH is displayed right there before your eyes.


pH Boss closely monitors your pH level and keeps it at a constant level. This will reduce the use of acid and other chemicals to a minimum and help you save money on those expensive chemicals.


The pH Boss uses diluted acid which is kept at a safe level to store with your pool equipment without exposing your family or surroundings to harmful acid levels. pH Boss is safe for your family, good for the planet.

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