AstralRobotic Pool Cleaner – Hurricane 7 DUO


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Astralpool HDuo is our leading model of robotic pool cleaners. Its cutting-edge technology and contemporary design make it our top-of-the-range cleaner for private pools.
Three-dimensional filters
Comes with a new ultrafine 3D filter as a standard feature.
LED indicator
The LED indicator shows when the filter is full.
Easy view
The transparent windows make it easy to see the level of debris.
Easy open
The filters are easy to reach from the top of the cleaner.
Clean hands
There is no need to come into contact with the dirt to clean the filter.
PVA brushes
The best quality for a better grip on stick surfaces.
Adjustable suction nozzles
Maximum suction.
Advantages of a single platform and a block comprising 2 motors and 1 filtration pump:
• Improved power transmission.
• More effective vibration cleaning brush.
• Lasts longer: no drive belts required and enhanced motor seals.
• Enhanced features: double traction motor + Gyro system.
• Easy for customers to repair: 4 screws to replace the motor block and direct access to gears and bearings.

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