AstralPool Exactus pH/RX Dosing Pump Complete Set


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New!! AstralPool Spain.

This complete set include:

AstralPool Exactus Dosing Pump Model 5 l/h-10 Bar
pH or RX Electrode
Electrode Holder (pressure)
Saddles & Reducer Fittings for 1.5″ or 2″ PVC
1 set of Buffer Solution
Chemical Storage Tank 100 Liter

Simple, safe operation:
Exactus pumps are robust and built to last. They are extremely easy to use, thanks to the touch-control pad which permits direct but perfectly safe access.

More than a dosing pump:
The Exactus Rx and Exactus pH models are much more than just dosing pumps. They feature devices capable of measuring and regulating Redox and pH levels respectively. The microcontroller features both ON/OFF and intermediate positions.

Operating principle:
AstralPool’s Exactus pumps are feeder pumps that employ a Teflon membrane mounted onto the piston of an electromagnet. When this piston receives an electrical signal, it pushes against the membrane, causing an injection of liquid via the discharge valve. Once this process has finished, the piston returns to its initial position, sucking in liquid through the suction valve. Simple, safe operation, does not require lubrication, minimal maintenance, made from resistant materials. Suitable for liquids commonly used in swimming pool water treatment, wide range of potential applications: pools, spas and industrial water treatment.

12 Months Manufacturers Warranty


Additional information

Weight 10 kg
pH or RX Electrode

pH, RX

1.5" or 2" PVC Pipe

1.5", 2"

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