Clear Advance Standard Algaecide Water Clarifier (for sand Filter) 4 Gallons


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Clear Advance Standard Algaecide Water Clarifier (for sand Filter) 4 Gallons.23

4 pack saves money on shipping also saves on each unit price
Pool clarifiers and algaecides are key chemicals that keep pool waters clean and clear.
Clarifiers are essentially chemicals used to treat “cloudy” water. Water usually gets murky because your pool is contaminated by particles that are too small for your filter. Clarifiers bind these particles together until they are large enough to be captured.
Before anything else, run your pump for 24 to 48 hours. This ensures that most of the particles are removed. If your water is still cloudy Add the Clarifier

Carefully add Clarifier or Algecide to your water according to the instructions outlined on your package. The amount of clarifier you add to the pool usually depends on the size of your unit.

Run Your Pump Again

Switch on the pump for a second time and let the clarifier spread throughout your pool. Leave it on overnight for the chemicals to adequately disperse.

Use a Vacuum or Skimmer Net
Some of the particles may be too big for your filter. You can take care of those by using a vacuum or a net. Afterwards, run the pump for another hour or two. Once that’s finished, you pool should be ready for use.

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