Zodiac pH Perfect

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Zodiac pH Perfect Automated Liquid pH Corrective Feeder.

To maintain pool health the most critical element is pH balance, without it everything else will be unstable. pH Perfect was designed to give your pool perfect balance everyday. Without pH balance your pool will always be struggling to maintain correct sanitiser levels, the water will be irritating to swim in and general pool maintenance and costs will sky rocket. Without doubt the single most important element in pool water chemistry is maintaining a good constant pH level.

Controlled automated acid dosing
Accurate sensors provide real time feedback ensuring perfect sanitation or balance of your pool whenever the filtration circuit is operating.

Safety First
Over feed protection prevents too much acid being added to the water.

Faster and more accurate
Zodiac’s unique ‘proportional feed system’ is the fastest and most efficient way to reach the required set point without wasting excessive solution.

Easy Installation
Installation is easy with Zodiac POD housing both sensors and feed point.

Combo It Up
Ideal to use with any saltwater chlorinator


12 Month Warranty

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