Pentair Sta-rite EnviroMAX 800 (Onga ECO 800) Variable Speed Pump


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Pool pumps are an essential piece of equipment when you have a swimming pool, that much is certain. But with the Pentair / Onga ECO800 Variable Speed Pump, we offer you so much more than just a means of keeping your pool filled with clean, safe water.

The Pentair / Onga ECO800 Variable Speed Pump uses cutting edge motor technology, which is revolutionizing energy efficiency by lowering power consumption and operating costs while increasing water quality in pools and spas. Not only is this a way for you to save money and cut costs, it’s also far better for the environment, and will help reduce the amount of energy emissions produced.

The Pentair / Onga ECO800 Variable Speed Pump has 3 speeds, with each speed able to be adjusted by the touch of a button on the control panel. This fine tuning is an excellent way to adjust the pump for each individual pool. If it’s ease of use you’re looking for, then this is the pool pump for you.

Thanks to its 8 Star energy rating, the highly efficient Pentair / Onga ECO800 Variable Speed Pump is setting the standard compared with a conventional induction motor pump. Installing this pump will give you peace of mind, that you’re saving money whilst still maintain the highest quality, and keeping your pool clean and safe to swim in.

The operating costs and the CO2 emissions are significantly lower in comparison with a standard pump meaning this pump can pay for itself in less than two years! The majority of parts in the pump come under our five year warranty.

We have team managers and pool system experts available in your area to do installations and system designs whenever and wherever you need us.


Lower energy costs
Lower Noise Levels
Lower Carbon Footprint
Extremely quiet operation.
For pools up to around 70,000L

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