Emaux LF800 Biological Filter For Koi Fish System Complete Set With Filter Media

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Emaux LF800 Biological Filters For Koi Fish System Complete Set with Multiport Valve & Filter Media. 2.5″ Multiport Valve / 18m3/Hour / 45kg of Biological Media / Volume of water 40m3.

The LF Series filter has a new filtration system and a good biological filtration effect. Equipped with a high efficient EPH Pump, the new biological filter can quickly filter the excreta of fish and impurities. The unique multi‐functional cylinder head design makes your operation more convenience. This product is suitable for koi pond, waterscape pool, aquarium and other places. The installation and operation is very simple and the function is very complete. It is also environmental friendly with good filtration and backwash effect. It changed the traditional sand tank agglomeration problem. It is now the only design with fine and modern appearance but also minimizes the size of the filtration system compare to the traditional.

About Physical Filtration
The most obvious feature of biological Filtration is the physical filtration. When the water passes through the filter cylinders, large size dirt will be stacked and stopped by the biological filter media. Dirt will be stick between the biological filter and filler. If the biological filter media is closely linked by water pressure, the smaller dirt will be blocked too. The biological filter media and dirt will be accumulated after certain period of time. Then the backwash function can discharge fish waste and impurities, so that the water can be purified. This is the basic principle of physical filtration.

About Biological Filtration
Biological filtration refer to the breeding of beneficial bacteria inside the cylinder attached to the filtration media after certain period of time. The formation of a thin biofilm by the beneficial bacteria can efficiently convert the ammonia and industrial nitrate inside the filter into nitrate and then digested.

Please note pump is not included in this set.

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