Emaux Ctrl Series Solenoid Driven Metering Pump PH Chemical Dosing System



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It’s essential that you have the correct systems in place for introducing accurate quantities of pool chemicals into your swimming pool. Why worry about doing it by hand, and potentially getting the dose wrong, or even adding the wrong chemical. With our swimming pool pumps, you’re guaranteed a stress-free experience, as well as a fresh, clean pool you’ll be able to enjoy with friends and family. Swimming pool chemicals can be complicated to understand and administer in the right quantities, but by using the Emaux PH chemical dosing system, you can rest assured that your swimming pool is safe to enjoy, with regulated PH levels.

The lightweight pump can be fitted securely and discretely onto a wall close to the pool, allowing you to monitor its performance. We have team managers and pool system experts available in your area to do installations and system designs whenever and wherever you need us.

Its main features are:

Automatic chemical dosing system (model CTRL4-PH)
Monitoring and dosing system for PH.
Compact, easy installation and operation.
Digital Metering pump with pH control meter on board.
Adjustable manual control with controllable dosage flow rate, for accurate PH control.

The complete set includes:

1 x Emaux dosing pump unit CTRL4-PH
1 x PH sensor (includes probe holder, with a 6-meter cable attached)
1 x Dosing pipe fitting kit
1 x PH buffer solution
1 x Wall mounting kit

24 months warranty

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