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Product Description

Product specially formulated to remove phosphates from swimming pool water. Phosphates provide food for algae, so the application of PHOSFREE prevents it appearing and growing. Prevention is better than cure, ideal for all pool types. Concentrated Product lasts for 13 weeks.

Added value

  • Is compatible with all types of disinfectants
  • Is easy to use
  • Improves the performance of salt chlorinators
  • Has a lanthanum-based formulation
  • Removes phosphates from chemical products, fertilisers, cleaning products and other contaminants.

Dispensing and use

Initial treatment (for high levels of phosphate)

  • Carry out an analysis of the phosphate levels in the swimming pool using a phosphate kit.
  • Clean the filter.
  • Calculate the amount of product needed (using the following dosing table), pouring the product dose directly into the swimming pool water and spreading evenly over the surface.
  • Keep the filtering system on for at least 24 hours (if the filter pressure increases by more than 10 PSI clean the filter).
  • After 48 hours, analyse the phosphate level with a phosphate kit. If necessary, repeat the treatment with PHOSFREE.

Maintenance treatment

With the filtering equipment on and with no swimmers in the pool, add 60 ml of product for every 50 m3 of water to keep the phosphate levels below 125 ppb (parts per billion).

This guideline dose can be changed depending on the characteristics of each swimming pool, weather conditions, etc.

Note: The use of PHOSFREE may make the swimming pool water cloudy in the initial phase. This is normal and indicates that the product is working. It will disappear in a few minutes.

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