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Product Description

CTX Natural Clarifier 1 Liter ideal for all pool types. Biodegradable flocculant with great flocculation power capable of removing colloid particles from swimming pool water.

This concentrated natural clarifier made from chitosan (crusta- cean shells) is the most effective weekly treatment for preventing the formation of foam and cloudiness in pool water. It removes all traces of body oil and cream, as well as excess metal precipitates.


  • Keeps water crystal clear, which helps the filter collect dirt
  • Removes all traces of oil, cream and foam
  • Is compatible with all types of disinfectants
  • Removes excess metal precipitates
  • Is easy to use
  • Helps make cleaning filters quicker and easier
  • Improves the performance of salt chlorinators
  • Biodegradable product to clarify cloudy water

Dispensing and use

Maintenance treatment: with the filtering equipment on and with no swimmers in the pool, add 40 ml of product for every 50m3 of water every week.

Commercial or busy swimming pool: treat the swimming pool water twice a week with double or triple the standard dose.

Recovery treatment (cloudy water): for cloudy water, double or triple the standard dose.

This guideline dose can be changed depending on the characteristics of each swimming pool, weather conditions, etc.

How to use

  • Check the filter pressure (clean if necessary).
  • Pour the product dose directly into the swimming pool and spread evenly over the surface. No premixing is necessary.
  • Keep the filtering system on for at least six hours after adding the product.
  • The product should preferably be added at dusk and without swimmers in the pool.
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