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Product Description

New product from CTX Professional!! Revolutionary water care.
CTX Care Pods 3 in 1 single doses in water-soluble film. Ideal for all pool types treated using salt chlorination.

A multi-actions maintenance product that prevents three common problems

  • Cloudiness in the water
  • Removal of phosphates
  • Formation of foam

It has countless advantages because apart from working immediately, the water-soluble wrapper dissolves in just a few minutes and its long-term effects mean that you can forget about maintenance for longer. Each pack contains 4 CarePods that come in a water-soluble film. Place one CarePod in your skimmer once a week. Forget all about containers and complicated dosing systems. WithCarePods, it’s never been easier to enjoy a transparent pool free of algae.


  • Keep the water bright and transparent.
  • Remove phosphates from the water.
  • Prevent and eliminate foam generation.
  • Remove the remains of body oils and/or creams.
  • Removes phosphates (food for algae).
  • Clarifies the water thanks to its flocculation capacity. Product based on a natural component (chitosan).
  • Non-foaming compound.
  • Compatible with most disinfection treatments (including electrolysis systems).
  • Can be used with any kind of filter.

Dispensing and use

Maintenance treatment: Add 1 CarePod of product for every 50 m3 of water every week. This guideline dose may be modified depending on the characteristics of each swimming pool, weather conditions, etc.

Usage Instructions

Pour the product dose in the skimmer or directly into the swimming pool (the deepest part), switching the filtering system on. The product should preferably be added at dusk and without swimmers in the pool.

Note: The use of CarePods may make the swimming pool water cloudy in the initial phase. This is normal and indicates that the product is working. It will disappear in a few minutes. Use the pod when the water is at around 20oC. This product must be accompanied by normal swimming pool water disinfection treatment.

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