Clear Advance Algaecide Water Clarifier 1 US Gallon Suitable For Sand Filter

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In stock

Product Description

  • An algaecide water clarifier suitable for sand filters
  • Highly concentrated polymer treats up to 160,000 gallons of water
  • Coagulates dirt, oil and other organic causes of cloudiness
  • Improves filter efficiency – fast – acting
  • No waiting period and easy to apply

Usage Advice

  • Initial Treatment – use 50ml per 10m3 of pool water in your pool, spa or hot tub every 24 hours until clear.
  • Repeat Maintenance Treatment – use 25ml per 10m3 of pool water in your pool, spa or hot tub every week for heavy usage, or evrey two week for light usage.

Each bottle contains 3,785.41ml of water clarifier.

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  1. richardpontin (verified owner)

    Great product for clearing a cloudy pool or as part of regular maintenance to keep water crystal clear.


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