AstralPool Heliox UV LP Stainless Steel 316 150W 220V 30m3/Hr with Timer


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AstralPool Heliox UV LP, Body in 316 Grade Stainless Steel, 150W, 220V Single Phase, 50-60Hz, 2″ Inlet/Outlet, 13,000 hours lamp lifetime, Flow Rate 30,000 Liters/Hour complete with Timer, suitable for pools up to 180,000 Liters, max pressure 3 bar.

The Heliox UV LP treatment system has a number of advantages over chemical disinfection systems, since virtually UV light does not alter the physical and chemical composition of water, it is very effective against any type of organism (algae, bacteria, virus , fungi, yeasts, etc.) further minimizing the risks of handling and dosing of hazardous chemicals. Moreover, UV treatment reduces the levels of combined chlorine in the water, thereby producing significant water and energy savings by reducing the volume and frequency of pool waterrenewals. The Heliox UV LP treatment system together to maintain a certain level of chlorine in pool water ensureswater quality. The Heliox UV LP treatment system is installed very easily in by-pass to the return line of the pool and must operate when the pool recirculation system  (pump and filter) is operational. The Heliox UV LP treatment systems have been designed and manufactured with the latest technology in UV treatment of water, thus ensuring continuous operation and minimal maintenance.

Heliox-UV operation:
UV-C disinfection is a local treatment (UV chamber), which takes place as the water in the pool circulates through the chamber that contains the UV-C lamps. The accurate delivery of radiation (W UV-C) and residence time in the system ensure the effective neutralisation of 99.9% of microorganisms, as well as the reduction of chloramines to safe levels (<0.6 ppm).

UV ultraviolet light:
UV light is a form of electromagnetic radiation that comes to us naturally from the sun. It is situated in the 100-400 nm (nanometre) range of the spectrum, between X-rays and visible light. Short-wave UV radiation (UV- C), found in the 200-280 nm range, is very powerful and contains sufficient energy to destroy bacteria and other pathogenic microorganisms. This radiation is used to treat residual, drinking and aquicultural water and, in recent years, swimming pool water.

The advantages of UV-C technology:
UV ray treatment systems are completely automatic, with very low maintenance and running costs. They also have considerable advantages over other systems:

  • 100% of pool water is treated.
  • The disinfected water is free of unpleasant smells and does not irritate the eyes, thanks to a drastic reduction in the amount of chloramines.
  • They save money as fewer chemical products are required.
  • Less fresh water is needed (daily water renewal is reduced).
  • Fewer waste by-products are formed, resulting in a reduction in subsequent water treatment.
  • The UV-C equipment does not add any chemical products to the water.

12 Months Manufacturers Warranty

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